Mama's Hot Tamales


Mama's Hot Tamales (MHT) is a Community and Economic Development Program that serves as a catalyst that forges public and private partnerships through a variety of cultural, faith-based, social, and small business activities that enhance the quality of neighborhood life. Representatives of public and private agencies continue to be involved in the many successes coordinated by MHT.


For More Information Please Contact Sandi “Mama” Romero at


Current Projects

Rediscover MacArthur Park Alliance which is a public and private partnership that has helped transform the MacArthur Park neighborhood in central Los Angeles from a crime-filled point of destination to a business, cultural, and social point of destination for families and friends. For information about upcoming meetings and related events contact Sandi “Mama” Romero at


Latino Cultural Academy coordinates and presents a variety of cultural activities and events involving music, dance, art and folklore through exhibits, performances, and other educational activities to foster cross culture education and appreciation. For information about upcoming events contact Sandi “Mama” Romero at


The Peruvian Cultural Center (El Centro Cultural Peruano) promotes the various aspects of Peruvian culture in the United States through art, cuisine, dance, music, and oral history. For information about upcoming events contact Sandi “Mama” Romero at


Recent Project Activities

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and other Latin American countries that focuses on community gatherings to honor friends and family members who have died. Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars which may consist of ofrendas or offerings such as photographs, bread, other foods, flowers, toys and other symbolic offerings.