Model Programs


Urban Initiatives has researched, designed, and implemented several model programs in local communities that have stemmed from our strategic planning activities that include:


The Glendale/Burbank Homeless Solutions Project (HSP) was a public and private partnership between several organizations including the cities of Glendale and Burbank, Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Institute for Urban Initiatives. The primary purpose of the project was to help local homeless persons obtain permanent affordable housing during their placement in HSP. Conversely, the purpose was not to temporarily shelter local and non-local homeless persons during the winter season and send them back to the streets when the winter season was over.


There were a total of 90 persons who entered the project-70 were adults and 20 were children. Of these 90 persons, 37 persons (24 adults and 13 children) or 41% were assisted with permanent or temporary housing and did not return to the streets when the project was over. CLICK HERE for report.


Project HOUSED Pasadena is a street-to-home initiative spearheaded by the Pasadena business and faith communities, local government, and social service providers including Urban Initiatives that aims to identify and permanently house the city's most vulnerable homeless persons including those most likely to die on the streets of Pasadena. Urban Initiatives recruited over 100 volunteers to administer the vulnerability questionnaire last August. Over 100 (131) chronically homeless individuals were surveyed. Housing Works, our partner agency in charge of case management, reported the following:








These findings were reported by Sofia Herrera, PhD to a clergy lunch sponsored by the Ecumenical Council of Pasadena Area Congregations. CLICK HERE for report.