Project HOUSED Pasadena



What is Project HOUSED Pasadena? 

Project HOUSED Pasadena is a street-to-home initiative spearheaded by the Pasadena business and faith communities, local government, and social service providers that aims to identify and permanently house the city’s most vulnerable homeless persons including those most likely to die on the streets of Pasadena.


During the week of August 7-12th, 2011, volunteers will be first trained to administer a vulnerability index questionnaire to homeless persons living on the street, and then fan out on the streets of Pasadena to survey those they find.  From these responses, a list of the 20 most vulnerable homeless persons will be generated.  Working from this list, Housing Works, a non-profit agency that serves homeless persons, will outreach to the identified homeless persons and work with them to become housed. Once housed, Housing Works and supportive service and healthcare agencies in the City of Pasadena will provide the services necessary to allow the participants to remain housed and integrate into the community. 


Housing vulnerable homeless persons who are already in our community, people living on the streets and in need of housing and medical treatment, is much more cost-effective than allowing them to remain homeless.  Persons living on the street access our community’s emergency services at a disproportionate rate, using the emergency rooms, ambulances, and generating emergency responder calls.  Housing them is a permanent solution, allows them to receive treatment for physical and mental illnesses, and results in better outcomes for the person, reduced costs for the emergency response system, and safer, more inviting neighborhoods for residents, businesses, and visitors.


Want to know more?

Project HOUSED Pasadena is part of Common Ground’s 100,000 Homes campaign. The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement to find homes for 100,000 vulnerable homeless persons by July 2013. The rationale is that it is less expensive to end homelessness than it is to manage it, that it costs less to provide housing to a homeless person or family than to leave them trapped in chronic homelessness and dependent on costly emergency services.  


How can I get involved? 

Click here to sign up as a volunteer to administer the vulnerability questionnaire, provide data entry of survey data, donate to and assemble move-in kits, or donate money or gift cards to give as incentives to questionnaire responders. Visit our facebook page (or type Project HOUSED Pasadena into the search bar at the top of your facebook home page) for updates on our planning activities and dates of upcoming meetings, and click the link to volunteer. 


Community assistance needed!

Be a part of the local positive word of mouth campaign. Local business? Consider signing on as a supporter or sponsor. Faith-based or community group?  Sign on to volunteer to administer the survey, support and sponsor the initiative, donate or assemble move-in kits. Community member over 18? Sign up to administer the survey.  Under 18 but still want to get involved? Sponsor a donation drive, donate and assemble move-in kits.  We look forward to working with the whole community!