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Shaping Policy

Promoting Research

Directing Resources

The Hub for Urban Initiatives is a non-profit organization that responds to the economic, housing, social, and spiritual needs of neighborhoods, cities, and counties from local community, regional, national, international, and faith-based perspectives. It consists of several community development, economic development, faith-based, and social justice initiatives that promote research, direct resources, and shape policy.

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Social Justice

Formerly Homeless

Formerly Homeless promotes events that provide opportunities for persons who have been formerly homeless to interact with stakeholders, policy makers, and...

No More Homeless Women

No More Homeless Women is dedicated to bringing researchers, policy-makers, community groups, and service providers together to design, implement, and evaluate...

Community Development

Episcopal Housing Alliance

Episcopal Housing Alliance is dedicated to developing affordable housing to very low-, low-, and moderate-income households.

Homeless and Housing Strategies for California

The Homeless and Housing Strategies for California website engages policy, plans, and practices aimed at ending homelessness and increasing affordable housing.

Data Center

Data Center disseminates data and information about homelessness and related issues in order to encourage evidence-based and best practices to help prevent and...


Economic Development

Chefs Center

Chefs Center provides professional culinary business development services for entrepreneurs who want to start or expand a food-based business.

Mama’s Merging Markets

Mama’s Merging Markets are temporary markets that help transform public and private spaces into places where food blends with art, music, and/or recreation to...

Vital Economic & Neighborhood Development

Vital Economic and Neighborhood Development facilitates neighborhood economic revitalization by generating opportunities through the development of successful...


Faith-Based Initiatives

Society of Urban Monks

Society of Urban Monks is a worldwide community of men and women involved in encountering, elucidating, and ending social ills and injustices by infusing their Christian faith and spiritual practices into solving social struggles.
Faith Based

Hands in Healing

Hands in Healing is an inter-faith alliance that brings help and hope to communities seeking healing and transformation through dialogue and development.

Institute for Transnational Research & Development

The Institute for Transnational Research and Development is dedicated to the holistic regeneration of communities by engaging communities in reflection and...